Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer... school.

Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood. I actually can't remember the last time I made it home before the sunset. Another semester under my belt and I'm half way there... two more years. Goodness.

Well, I can't quite describe the anxious feeling you get during school... I always feel like I have something to do, catch up on, read... something I'm missing and you can never relax. Just as soon as I enjoy a "break," I am faced with the harsh reality that summer school starts next week! Joy. At least the classes are over at 8pm instead of 10pm, so it won't be that bad. I'll get to see my husband, Clint, for a little... and probably cook dinner occasionally.

At least I'll have weddings to look forward to! June is going to be a busy month, on top of school and I'm so excited to delve into wedding photography. Stay tuned! For now, I'm off to enjoy some home-cooked porkchops with Clint! ... and a little Real Housewives of New Jersey. don't judge!

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