Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cha-cha-cha... Changes.

Clint and I took a little risk moving to Texas.  We both had fantastic (and I do mean FANTASTIC) jobs in Washington, DC.   I know I had the dream- working in a lobbying firm, learning a lot, meeting amazing people, helping people (lobbying is not the dirty word most people think it is and I'd be happy to fill you in if you'd like at a later time), and working with some of the best people I have ever met in my life.  It was a family and it was becoming more like a "home."  Except, for both of us... something wasn't quite right.  We were called to make a change.  As Clint got out of the Marines, we packed up what we accumulated in five years of city living (which surprisingly was a lot, especially since I started that journey with only two suitcases and a lil determination) and moved to Texas.

Now, none of it could have been possible without Clint's family (and my family too).  In particular, Clint's grandparents.  They opened their home to us- even our pesky yorkie.   While we were trying to plan a wedding, find a home, start school, find jobs... they were there for us.  Mimi and Papa opened more than their home- they opened their hearts, and we will forever be grateful.  I don't think we could have done any of it without them.

Well, I do believe they have been called to make a change.  This past week we watched them pack up what was left in a uhaul and drive south.  We couldn't be more excited for them, and we know this is the best decision.  They will have so much fun in Georgetown.  I can't help be a little selfish, and a little teary-eyed, feeling that we won't have our Mexican dinner nights {as much}.  Walking through that empty home was like they had been my grandparents my whole life and it tugged at my heart just a tinge. yup, I'm a total sap, remember?!  They are incredible people and we are SO blessed.  We do know there will be much fun in the future... who knows, maybe we'll even move closer to Austin one of these days ;)  I just hope Mimi and Papa know how loved and appreciated they are... and how much we will miss seeing them as often.

all the fun excursions. always a treat.

 Coco and Tank will miss their sisters: Molly and Penny.  But we can't wait for the reunions!
Enjoy your time, Mimi and Papa! We know you'll love the new place, meet new friends and go exploring again!!  We'll still be here... if you ever want to buy your house back... for the 3rd time :)  We love you and we'll see you soon!!!!! xoxo

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