Wednesday, May 18, 2011

California Dreaming

meet the gorgeous parents that made me! (i will not include where they live... so don't go trying to egg the house or tp-ing it on my account).  i've grown up, somewhat. don't hold that against them.

anyhew... my parents. Aren't they adorable?  That's my incredible (2nd?) cousin, Jane, visiting in the center. She rocks (even though she's a pelosi fan- I can look past that for family functions)!  If you don't know me, my mother is full vietnamese and my dad is half german and half irish. i don't count france.

My parents did not meet overseas, and yes my dad was in the military. yes, my mom does nails. are you done with your stereotypical jokes yet?  Aside from my brother and my hubby, they are my life (in addition to my aunt, grammy, and in-laws).  I'll have to create a separate post, I can't put into words how amazing they are.  and i'll get all teary-eyed, it's pathetic. They have taught me: how to [try to] be a better christian, how to work hard, be thoughtful and considerate, how to make a grasshopper bow, how to change a tire and shoot a gun (not at the same time, but that would be interesting), how to be financially savvy (i'm still learning that one), how to cook, how to love to learn, to have goals and reach them, and they've just taught me my very values that i'll hopefully pass along to [not near] future wee ones. except the grasshopper thing. that's just weird. i hate bugs.

Anyway, I've been missing them, my brother, california, the beach, breakfast burritos and teri cafe- in that order- a lot lately.  thankfully, there will be a mini-reunion in chicago next month. I can't wait! And folks, if you're reading this... please bring a burritto and terriyaki beef combo with fried shrimp!  =) I'm wasting away with all of this chicken fried steak, brisket, fried pie and fries around here! As far as the beach and california, i have another post coming soon about some of the things i've found that has helped me cope, somewhat.

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