Thursday, May 19, 2011

I heart Photoshop

I heart photoshop.  Sometimes a little too much, and I'm trying to correct that.  Not that I make a habit of editing things out of pictures that I could have easily fixed when taking the picture... seriously, I could have tucked that string in and saved a lot of time, but I guess I was a little distracted.  It was probably the chiggar bites from the farm.

Well, I didn't... and my best friends: the clone stamp, patch tool and some lighting tweaks (with a little cropping) can change that image to one that is actually frame-worthy. :)  But my niece is ADORABLE, I would have framed it anyway- she's always worthy.

1 comment:

Roxanne said...

Jenny! I'm so excited to find your blog. I read it from top to bottom!You're good and funny! Thanks for sharing. I'll be back! Lot's of love!

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