Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My First Tornado Storm

Who says summer school isn't exciting?  In the middle of class... we get interrupted to head down to the library for the impending storm.  If that wasn't already scary, my husband sends me this text picture (which is near our house):

Gee, that makes me feel so much better, honey.  We are exchanging texts... and it looks like all will be good. The two tornados forming near Blue Mound/Saginaw/Ft. Worth have gone and never touched.

I decide it would be okay to head home.  Well, probably not the smartest of ideas.  I grew up in Cali! Earthquakes are so much easier to deal with (much more south than Northridge).  Anyway, hail starts... and I'm getting phone calls from classmates that another tornado is expected to head downtown (Ft. Worth, where the school is located) and that I need to head back to the library.  I made the decision to continue to drive and pray like crazy that it will be okay.  So I'm a little more dramatic- I call my husband freaking out. He's such a good man.

I get home safely and am just in awe of the lightening.  Everything else was calm.  No rain, no hail... no noise. Just bursts of lightning like it was a movie screen.  What a magnificent thing, nature.  Makes you realize how small you are, and how much He is in control.  It was an inspiring moment for me.

Well, after I kiss my hubby hello... I grab my camera and head to the backyard.  I am SO thrilled I did.

That was right above our house.  Isn't it beautiful? Maybe it means more to me because I know how difficult it is to capture lightning (I know because I've been trying... without results).

Settings for you camera geeks:  tripod necessary- although I hand-held the exposure (no remote)
125 ISO
Canon 7d, 24-70 2.8L Lens (set to infinity)
aperture 4.0
shutter: 3''
set dial to "B"


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