Friday, June 3, 2011

Pool fun... and a lesson in tact.

Our best friends, the Tates, came down for a visit.  We're still trying to convince these Okies that Texas is the place to be. Ain't that right?!

We enjoyed play time, pool time... tried to enjoy in-n-out (we're originally californians) but that wait was ri-di-cu-lous! No food is worth waiting TWO hours for.  hmmm... I may take that back.  Mom's food is ALWAYS worth waiting for. Rewind: no "fast" food is worth waiting 2 hrs for.

Well anyway, they are the NICEST people you could ever meet.  Kind, considerate... 

So my hubby and I thought it would be good to make a quick trip to our neighborhood pool.

and we brought our adorable doggies. Well... someone didn't think they were all that cute.  A mother decided it was a good idea (instead of talking to me nicely/calmly... maturely) to immediately start yelling at me and cussing about bringing the dogs.  So, lesson #1: if you don't wanna see nice people in your face, do NOT cuss in front of their children.  I am embarrassed for you, and your family quickly moving to the other end of the pool.  Lesson #2: clearly we are neighbors since you need a key to get in.  You just made it totally awkward.

Moral of the story: Had you just talked reasonably, I would have understood your concerns and immediately left with no hard feelings.  Why are so many people inept at confrontation? Common sense?  All I can say is that you will not be getting any of my baked goods or homemade jams.  Sad.  That's the mature me, because I seriously contemplated leaving turds on your doorstep.  Now that wouldn't help you to try to love dogs... or your neighbors, would it? I'd be doing the same thing...

Besides, looking back, how on earth could you be rude and mean with this lil face staring at you?  Okay, maybe I will give you goodies... can't we all just get along?

the end.

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